Combatants for Peace

Combatants for Peace, founded in 2006, is a non-profit, volunteer organization of ex-combatant Israelis and Palestinians, men and women, who have laid down their weapons and rejected all means of violence. We are working together to end the occupation of Palestine, bring just peace to the land, and demonstrate that Israelis and Palestinians can work and live together.

CFPs mission is to build the social infrastructure necessary for ending the conflict and the occupation: communities of Palestinians and Israelis working together through non-violent means to promote peace. We believe that such communities can serve as a role model for both people, demonstrating through action that there is a real alternative to the cycle of violence. We believe that disseminating such activities widely can and will affect attitudinal change at the societal level and policy change at the political level.



Members of Combatants For Peace visited the US for speaking and fundraising events on both the east and west coasts in October, 2015. On Wednesday October 14th, IWagePeace,Founder Bruce Barrett, held a fundraising event with the members from Israel and Palestine, Sulaiman Khatib, Uri Ben Assa, Maya Katz and Mohammad Owedah, as his guests in Milford, Connecticut.

Combatants For Peace: Milford CT October 2015

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Uri Ben Assa

Clockwise L to R: Uri Benassa, Maya Katz, Nour Shehadha, Sulaiman Khatib, Mohamed Owedah, Erez Krispin, Khdair Najjar, Adi Greenfeld

Painting for Peace:Combatants for Peace and Kids for Peace in Vermont

As part of their 2011 tour, Erez Krispin and Nour Shehadah spent time at Jerusalem Peacebuilder's Acer Farm in Brattleboro Vermont and along with 32 American, Israeli and Palestinian youth from Kids4Peace. Together they handpainted our "Peace in Jerusalem is Possible" mural as an act of unity. After their weekend of painting, the group traveled to Connecticut to see their handiwork displayed on I-95 in Bridgeport. The sign flys regularly here on the Connecticut interstates.

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Washington Leadership Meetings

IWagePeace organized meetings with Senate and Congressional leaders and the Combatants for Peace delegates in Washington DC during 2012 and 2013. The Combatants presented each Member a letter outlining the purpose of their visit.

Hear their story as told at a Carnegie Endowment for Peace presentation co-sponsored by the Foundation for Middle East Peace, Americans for Peace Now, Middle East Institute, Churches for Middle East Peace and the American Task Force for Palestine.

  • Congresswoman Delauro's Office
  • Senator Murphy's Office
  • Senator Blumenthal
  • Representative Himes Office
  • Senator Murphy's Office
  • Congressman Joe Courtney
  • DC JStreet COnference

Rotary Club Tours

During this IWagePeace sponsored tour, Combatants for Peace members Erez Kripsin and Nour Shedaha spent a week speaking to Rotary Clubs across southern Connecticut. The Combatants met with Governor Malloy, spoke before a meeting of the Teamsters Local 1150 in Stratford and participated in Interfaith Services at Woodmont United Church of Christ in Milford and Comgregation Mishkan Israel in Hamden.

Documentary Film: The Billboard From Bethlehem featuring The Combatants For Peace

"Through this billboard we wish to send a message of hope to Americans and...invite them to be more active in our struggle for peace."

Avner Wishnitzer, Israeli member of Combatants for Peace

Israeli veterans who served in Gaza, Lebanon, and the West Bank, Palestinian fighters who grew up under occupation, trained in Jordan, fought and were imprisoned, courageously face their enemies alone and (they hope) unarmed. With help from the owner of an American billboard company, (Bruce Barrett, film director/producer and founder of IWagePeace) The Combatants For Peace bring children from both sides, to hand paint a giant "peace mural" in the West Bank of Palestine. Calling them "true heroes," Barrett guides us through the conflict as experienced by the fighters, weaving facts, images, and personal reflections with the engaging visual talisman of a hundred children and peace warriors from opposite sides hand painting their message of peace and justice for all. The 48-foot billboard returns to the United States to visit a mosque, a synagogue, and a church, before being displayed on a busy American highway.

Their journey with the handpainted sign is documented in this award winning film "The Billboard From Bethlehem" featuring the Combatants for Peace which has screened internationally and received four film festival awards. The film may be viewed in it's entirety at the following link:

Snag Films: The Billboard From Bethlehem, Documentary, 67 minutes, 2010