I Wage Peace: The Billboard Campaigns
"We do not need to agree on everthing to work for peace and justice"
IWagePeace Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Jerusalem Mulloy

Peace in Jerusalem is Possible

A Painting For Peace project mural was jointly designed by IWagePeace with the Israeli and Palestinian and American Children of Kids4Peace, was hand painted in Brattleboro Vermont with the Combatants For Peace. Originally posted on I-95 on the Bridgeport Fairfield line, the mural can now be seen on on various interstate highways. This was a 2011 Painting For Peace Project, and artistically, it was our greatest challenge.

Once IWagePeace and Kids4Peace established the artistic theme for the sign, it was up to Artist Russell Rainbolt to hand draw the Dome of The Rock, the Wailing Wall, and the Church of Saint Mary Magdalena. He then copied the image using an overhead projector and a magic marker onto the 48 foot vinyl canvas. In Brattleborro the youth from Kids4Peace took several days to paint the image. Note the detail of color and the French Impressionist feel.

We Rufuse to be Enemies Painting New H

We Refuse To Be Enemies:

On the New Haven Green, PeaceMakers from area mosques, synagogues, and churches broke the myth that Muslims, Jews, Christians and others cannot work together for peace. Inspired by the documentary film "The Billboard From Bethlehem" the multi-denominational group hand Painted For Peace their own mural for posting on billboards on the interstate highways of Connecticut. This was our second Painting For Peace project. The artwork was conceived by "Peace by Peace", a group of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian medical students at Yale University. Artist Russ Rainbolt used their drawings to prepare the canvas and Bruce suggested the phrase "We Refuse To be Enemies." Peace by Peace sponsored a festival of healing the same afternoon that IWagePeace organized teams of painters from area mosques, synagogues and churches, raising $6,000 for The Combatants For Peace.

Earth Billboard

We Are All In This Together

The wealth of our planet is immeasurable, but to whom much is given, much is expected. As peacemakers, we take care of each other by taking care of the planet Earth. Most wars are fought over our limited resources (water, oil, farm land, mineral wealth, fish and forest timber). As the world's largest consumer nation, Americans become peacemakers when we end the reckless overdevelopment and destruction of our natural resources and begin leading the world in conserving our oil and water supplies, estuaries, and fisheries. We are citizens not only of our towns and cities, not only of our nations; we are Global Citizens of the Planet Earth. "We're all in this together" is an awareness campaign that fosters our sense of Global Community.Driving on the Highway one night, founder Bruce Barrett realized we needed an iconic sign for global citizenship. This image from NASA and the simply phrase "We're All In This Together" captures the feeling. His daughter Sarah and him laid out the copy and artist Russell Rainbolt added the stars for good affect. The sign is printed on vinyl and makes a regular tour on the interstate highways of Connecticut.

Shaking Hands BFB Highway

The Billboard from Bethlehem Mural

Patriots in Palestine! Connecticut natives Bruce Barrett and artist Russell Rainbolt spent Memorial Day Weekend with dozens of Israeli and Palestinian children along with former Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian armed resisters called "The Combatants for Peace." The group hand painted two giant 48-foot long peace murals in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. Many of our Jewish friends do not like the word "occupation" used on this sign. The copy and text were designed by The Combatants For Peace with IWagePeace.Org. The sign is the subject of our film "The Billboard From Bethlehem" which is winner of four documentary film awards. The word "Occupation" refers to the Israeli military presence in the West Bank and the Israeli control of Gaza's borders.

The Combatants for Peace recognize Israel's right to exist and their right to defend themselves. The Combatants For Peace believe the word "occupation," as much as it may hurt to hear it, accurately reflects the nature of the Israeli presence and control of Palestinian land. It is their view, as fighters turned peacemakers, that Israel should withdraw from the West Bank, end the siege of Gaza, and establish East Jeruselum as the capital of the new Palestinian state.

Santa Wages Peace

Santa Wages Peace

This campaign refocuses the "Santa" brand back to his powerful roots as a loving Peace Maker. Since 2007, every December we put up this sign on I-95 in Stratford. Bruce's daughter Sarah made Santa, the reindeer, the snow, star, and trees from contruction paper. Artist Russ Rainbolt arranged the images for the sign copy and allowed Sarah to help him hand paint the sign. We use this sign to reclaim the seventh century Saint Nicholas as the peacemaker he was.

Press COnference

They Voted To Allow Torture

This ad ran in two locations on I-95 and RT 84 in October and November during the 2006 Congressional elections. The sign was mentioned in two congressional debates and received national press coverage on NPR and "The Factor". Of the four, Johnson and Simmons were not returned to office.This was a powerful image expressing our anger with those who supported the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Artist Russell Rainbolt hand painted the Abu Ghrai image. We are grateful to our partners, Reclaiming The Prophetic Voice, for their input.

IWagePeace ClassicIWagePeace Posting

The Classic

I Wage Peace.Org has been flying on CT Interstates since it's introduction in the Spring of 2006. The sign burns one clear message: Peace making is patriotic, active, and the duty of every American. The flag used for the first IWagePeace sign was flying at founder Bruce Barrett's home on a sunny day. He immediately knew what he wanted. This campaign flys on our interstates regularly in our area.