I Wage Peace Walk
We do not need to agree on everthing to work for peace and justice

For four years running we have organized the annual IWagePeace Walk. In 2010 and 2011, we walked along the West Haven Board Walk and in 2012 and 2013 through downtown New Haven. The first two years saw attendance in excess of three hundred and in 2012 we had over four hundred Muslims, Jews, and Christians from thirty-four sponsoring faith based communities join the walk. The sponsoring Synagogues, Mosques, Churches, and related entities placed their names on the IWagePeace Walk T-Shirt under the phrase "We don't need to agree on everything to work together for justice and peace." We focus not simply on the word "peace", but "Peace" and "Justice" combined, believing it is never enough to proclaim "Peace" without faithful non-violent action to correct injustice and heal suffering.

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Special Thanks to Our Community and Business Program Sponsors of the 2013 IWagePeace Walk

  • Barrett Outdoor Communications Inc.
  • The Foundation For Middle East Peace
  • Griswold Home Care
  • American Steak House
  • Josephine Eke
  • Maureen Barrett
  • Andrea LeBlanc, member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
  • CT Shoreline Chapter of Amnesty International
  • John Perry
  • David Lamarre-Vincent
  • Virginia Arndt
  • John Fussell
  • J Street

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Thank you to the 36 Faith Communities who are sponsored the 4th annual 2013 IWagePeace Walk and placed their names on the IWagePeace Walk Shirt under the words "We Do Not Need to Agree on Everything to Work For Peace and Justice"

  • Christ Church New Haven
  • Masjid Al-Islam
  • Congregation Mishkan Israel
  • First Congregational Church of Guilford (PAJ)
  • Dominican Sisters of Peace
  • Woodmont United Church of Christ
  • Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Congregation Beth Rodfe Zedek
  • United Congregational Church of Bridgeport
  • Congregation Sinai
  • Trinity Church on the Green
  • First Congregational Church of Old Lyme
  • Shalom UCC
  • The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut
  • Trinity Episcopal Church Southport
  • First and Summerfield United Methodist Church
  • Congregational Church of Naugatuck
  • First and Wesley United Methodist Church
  • First Presbyterian Church of New Haven
  • Islamic Association of Greater Hartford
  • Episcopal Church at Yale
  • Church of the Good Shepherd
  • New Haven Friends Meeting
  • Enough
  • Peace Task Force of the Unitarian Society of New Haven
  • United Presbyterian Church of Milford
  • First United Church of Christ Congregational
  • Congregation Kol Ami Cheshire
  • Saint John Vianney
  • Hasan Islamic Center
  • North Haven Congregational Church
  • Saint John's of Bridgeport
  • Jews for Justice and Peace
  • Our Lady of Victory
  • Silver Lake Conference Center
  • Al-Aziz Islamic Center Bridgeport

Front Page of NH Register 10/7/13

"Peacemakers on the March"

IWagePeaceWalk 2012: "Unity"

Mayor John DeStefano opened the 2012 walk, with speeches by Dr. James Jones, president of Masjid Al-Islam in New Haven; Rabbi James Ponet, Chief Rabbi of the Joseph Slifka Center for Community life at Yale; and Reverend John Gage, senior pastor of United Church on the Green. The walk was featured in the New Haven Register. Joining us on the walk from Israel and Palestine were members of the non-violent action group Combatants For Peace as well as a dozen youth from both East and West Jerusalem representing the interfaith peace and justice program Kids4Peace .

Pilgrims on the walk experienced camaraderie, sang songs of faith, justice, and healing, creating a public and visible sign that peace is possible, that there are partners for peace, that dialogue is not enough, and that the active engagement of our entire community is required. Among last year's twenty-four sponsors were The Connecticut Coalition of Mosques, United Church on the Green, and Mishkan Israel. Three times during the walk, all four hundred attending Muslims, Jews, Christians, and others recited a pledge, proclaiming that "in so much as it is in our power, we will defend and protect the rights of all Christians, Muslims, Jews and members of all faith and cultural identities, here in the United States, in Israel, in Palestine, and throughout the world." This unifying pledge spoken out loud in public is central to our message for Waging Peace.

Video Courtesy of Mara Lavitt/New Haven Register

Bruce Barrett Welcome The New Haven Drum and Drill Squad Mayor John Destefano Welcome United Church on the Green Walking on Temple Street Unified at the Slifka Center Making the pledge together Rabbi James Ponet and Bruce Kids4Peace join us in song Waging Peace with our children The welcoming shade of treelined streets Therese and Anne Waging Peace Amir Dr. James Jones The shared joy of unity Thank You New Haven Awaiting return to the Green

IWagePeaceWalk 2011 "Oh Jerusalem":

In early October of 2011 IWagePeace held their second annual walk where over 300 Muslims, Jews, Christians, and others publically displayed their commitment to one another and shared their common love for the city of Jerusalem. IWagePeace Inc. prepared twelve sandwich signs and six billboard sized murals telling the story of Jerusalem as loved and experienced by all three faith traditions. Information on the signs was written by IWagePeace volunteer staff after holding private interviews with local religious leaders who explained in their own words why Jerusalem was sacred for their faith communities. The final sign was a map of present day Jerusalem showing the location of the holy sites, the security wall, settlements, and camps, with a prayer of Lamentation for the suffering experienced by all sides in the conflict.

The Mayor of West Haven, John Piccard opened the walk by thanking everyone for their work for peace. Bruce Barrett, founder of IWagePeace asked those present to "Look around you, this is your family and this is your story." Then, walking into the setting sun attendees passed through history, reading the IWagePeace signs telling of David and Solomon's Temple, the Roman conquest, Herod, Jesus, the destruction and desecration of the city, and the Prophet Mohammed's interfaith journey to the Temple Mount. " The walk made public our joys , fears , suffering, and hopes for peace while experiencing our common spiritual calling to learn from each other," says Barrett. " With giant murals and poetic words, we learned how precious for Muslims is the Dome of the Rock , how sacred for Jews is the Temple Mount and Western Wall , how fearful are Christians for the loss of their holy sites, how suffering has no bounds and how empathy should have no bias. Together we walked, prayed and drew a shade closer to protecting one another."

At the end of the walk, Rabbi Dana Bogatz, Imam Kashif Abdul Karim, and Reverend Gary Witte shared their thoughts of hope and understanding. The group celebrated with live music from the Afro Semitic Experience. IWagePeace Inc. organized and paid for the entire event with volunteer labor and cash donations from our members. The walk was featured on WTNH Channel 8 and in the New Haven Register.

Video Courtesy of WTNH News Channel 8 New Haven


Bruce Opening Remarks with members of ENOUGH Gathering at the Pavillion in Grove Park West Haven Mayor John Picard On the way To Bradley Point Bruce on the Highway Billboard

IWagePeace Walk 2010 " The Peacemakers " :

Peacemakers can be soldiers and they can be civilians; they are the people who heal our conflicts by reaching out to those we fear, those we abuse, or those under whom we suffer abuse, forming relationships, calling them "friend," so we can build a future together. In 2010, Our first Peacewalk was held on the West Haven Board Walk where we placed six IWagePeace Walk signs along the walk reminding us that War and the trials of War, while sometimes inevitable and sometimes necessary, do not end without the active involvement of peacemakers.

Three of our signs told about historic peacemakers, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian, one shared verses from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian scriptures, one invitedsilent prayer, and the last celebrated the peacemaking work of The Combatants For Peace. All children and families were invited to join the IWagePeace Treasure Hunt and many won a prize by answering the twelve questions found in the Treasure hunt booklet whose answers were found along the walk. The walk journeyed through a Veterans Walk of Honor, a sacred garden planted through the generosity of living veterans, their families, and their friends, to remember their loved ones who did not come home. We took a "Walk of Silence" through these memorials to our fallen soldiers honoring them with our thoughts and prayers.

After the Walk we gathered once again at the pavilion at Grove Park to hear a few short speeches by some of our attending leaders of faith, and a proclamation from the office of the Mayor of West Haven, John Picard.Afterwards we enjoyed live music and dancing with the Afro-Semitic Experience.

Video Courtesy of Eli Williamson Jones

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Walking the West Haven Boardwalk Martin Luther King Jr, Healing a Nation Walk of Silence Honoring Our Veterans Vietnam Memorial Peaceful Shoreline Badsha Khan, a Nonviolent Soldier of Islam

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