Volunteer Projects 

Sacred Cemetery Care and

Cemeteries invoke our frailty and longing for wholeness. With loving tenderness, we will care for the sacred earth holding the remains of our Jewish family who walked before us. With tools provided by IWagePeace Inc., we will raise sunken burial markers, and remember all that we have in common. A Cemetery volunteer will be our guide. A bus will take us from the New Haven Green to the cemetery location.

Habitat for Humanity: Housing Construction

Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut creates affordable homes for families in need Habitat will provide the tools and materials. No experience is required. Bring work gloves, appropriate cloths for onsite construction, and good work shoes. Sign up in advance, as space is limited. We are looking for three Jewish, three Muslim, and three Christian volunteers. Hours are from 9:00 to 3:30.

Save the Sound: Beach Cleanup

A bus will take us from the New Haven Green to the beach, where will safely pick up the trash: one of us holding a bag, and another, wearing gloves, will remove the debris from the beach while yet another, pen in hand, will document the items we remove. And so, we will share the morning sun, Christian, Muslim, and Jew, and clean our beaches together. A Save the Sound volunteer will join us and answer your questions.

Feeding the Hungry: Meal Preparation
and Distribution

Working as one family of God, we will walk a short half mile from the New Haven Green to Christ Episcopal Church and make sandwiches. With guidance from local food pantries and experienced professionals, we will bring the food to those in need, joining in our common calling.

Painting For Peace

Fun for all ages, we will hand paint a giant peace billboard measuring 48 feet long and 14 feet high. Designed by IWagePeace and under the artistic direction of muralist Russ Rainbolt, the vinyl canvas will be laid on the ground of the New Haven Green while volunteers will bring color and texture to our message of peace, healing, and faith. Everyone can join in this event. The sign will be posted on a billboard on busy Interstate 95 in Southern Connecticut for everyone to see.

Masjid Al Islam

We will visit Masjid Al Islam and have a 30 minute meeting inside the mosque allowing our guests to see and learn a little about Islam. (Long pants and head covering are required inside) After that meeting, we will work side by side in the surrounding neighborhood picking up trash and planting flowers as part of a neighborhood care and restoration effort.

Christian Community Action

We will visit the CCA and spend the first half hour learning about their work with needs for emergency housing, job search assistance, case management, and family counseling for homeless and at risk families in New Haven. Afterwards, the volunteer team will help with an interior room painting project at their location.


For more information contact Bruce A. Barrett. 


Cell: 203 710-5675