Painting For Peace
We do not need to agree on everthing to work for peace and justice

Painting For Peace is an exciting hands on peace project created by IWagePeace.Org. where community members from diverse backgrounds hand paint their own interstate peace billboard. The first Painting For Peace sign was hand painted in 2007 in the West Bank of Palestine by Israeli and Palestinian Children side by side with The Combatants For Peace. Three more signs have followed. Proceeds raised from Painting For Peace are donated to The Combatants For Peace. Some of our projects are shown below and to view the completed handpainted murals visit our Billboard Campaign Collection.

Painting For Peace in Brattleboro VT. Our 2011 Painting For Peace event was held the weekend of July 23rd in Brattleboro, Vermont. The mural was hand painted by 32 Israeli, Palestinian, and American youth as part of the Kids4Peace camp along with Combatants for Peace members Erez Krispin and Nour Shehadah. The mural was posted on I-95 on the Bridgeport Fairfield line in July and can now be seen posted at various locations on the Connecticut interstate highways

Painting For Peace on the New Haven Green We had a blast on April 25th 2010, when PeaceMakers from area mosques, synagogues, and churches broke the myth that they can not work together for peace. "This myth, that we fight and always have been fighting, is historically false," says organizer Bruce Barrett. "We painted these signs together, Muslim, Christian, and Jew, as a public demonstration of our commitment to peace, health, and justice for the Israeli and Palestinian people," declares the group."Popular media and bad preaching told us that our faith traditions have nothing in common; and yet here we are, painting and working together for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine." Twelve groups each raised Five hundred dollars ($500) which we donated to The Combatants For Peace ,a non-violent group of Israeli and Palestinian veteran fighters turned peacemakers.