Interfaith Service Day 2022

"A New Wave Rolling"

Interfaith Service Day brought a diversity of faith and community groups together in fellowship and goodwill. Through this event we collectively sent the message that we are one people, that we have nothing to fear from our differences, and that in fact, our differences make us a strong, vibrant, and dynamic community. We can disagree on doctrine and theology while respecting, learning, and enjoying one another!

To each and every one who joined together for this day of community service and celebration of our like-mindedness, thank you!  Amen.

Stay tuned for 2023!

Swords to Plowshares Northeast

In the heat of the day on the Green, a line forms at the anvil where volunteers test their strength at the hammer. They pound glowing red steel, turning guns into garden tools, they pound. The hammer strikes and rings over the Green, “ping, ping, ping....” turning war into peace.

Volunteer teams walked or boarded buses back to the Green to enjoy a pizza and salad lunch, hear reports from our volunteer team members, listen to interfaith reflections, and enjoy a live music performance.

“Gather around the pizza truck,” I called, (click on the photo  to see!) and shouted and sang until those not fasting feasted long and hard, each marking this day in their own way by their traditions; for this is Tisha B'Av and for some a day of fasting.

Half of you, bless you all, tired from the hot work, returned home after lunch. Half of you stayed for reflections from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Baha’i traditions. Each separate voice connected to the whole. Thank you Rabbi Joshua Pernick from the Jewish Federation, Reverend Luke DeVolder from Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green, Imam Bilal Ansari, and Rachael Gonzales Ryan and your team.

A wind, wild and hot, grew and blew down the music stands, but the syncopations of the Afro-Semitic Experience kept on keeping on, bass plucking, saxophone humming, trumpet popping, the groove lifting our hearts as we painted the last corners of the billboard grateful for this time of joy as we served, prayed, and healed each other.

Swords to Plowshares
2022 Service Day Partners

Woodmont UCC Milford, Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel New Haven, Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, Christ Church New Haven, Congregation Mishkan Israel Hamden, First Presbyterian Church of New Haven, St. Peter's Episcopal Church Milford, First United Church of Christ Milford, OASIS Multi Church Youth Ministry, Trinity Episcopal Church New Haven, Regional Baha’i Council of the Northeastern States, The Episcopal Church at Yale, St Matthew's Episcopal Church Wilton, Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church New Haven, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Madison, The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, St. Mark's Episcopal Church New Canaan

Interfaith Service Day comes in partnership with Jerusalem Peacebuilders and is made possible by generous donations from The Episcopal Church in Connecticut, Barrett Outdoor Communications Inc. and IWagePeace.Org

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Interfaith Service Day 2019

Interfaith Service Day, August 8th 2019

Interfaith Service Day was a wonderful success. Thank you everyone for supporting the day. Twenty-two youth from Israel and Palestine, plus 125 local volunteers and staff brought our size to over 150 in attendance. (We ran out of name tags and used green dots to makes sure everyone was counted!) We completed seven community work projects. We enjoyed Fire Engine Pizza Truck! Mayor Toni Harp inspired us with her gratitude for our work. Thank you WPKN Radio Something, Channel 8, and Channel 12 news, and the New Haven Independent. Thank you everyone who volunteered and supported our efforts. Truly, “We Are All In This Together.”

2019 Interfaith Service Day Program 1
Program Interfaith Service Day 2019 2
Interfaith Service Day Program 3

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